The Engagement Session

Do packages come with an engagement session?

All collections come with an engagement session. It allows us to get comfortable with each other, so we’re smooth sailing come wedding day. This time helps me get to know you better as a couple, and see what makes your personalities come to life.

Where should our engagement session be?

Is there a specific location that’s meaningful to you? If you’re stumped, I have a list of great locations and can recommend one based on the look and feel you envision.

What should we wear?

We want you to stand out, so think about the location. If we are going to a park, try not to wear green to avoid blending in with the background. Outfit ideas can be found on my Pinterest board if you’ve been rummaging through the closet. We will have time for one outfit change.

When should our engagement session be?

Once your signed contract and retainer fee has been received, we will coordinate a date for your engagement session. Sometimes, couples like to have a variety of seasons. For example, if you’re getting married in the fall, a spring engagement session will provide a different scene. Photographing start time will start 1.5-2 hours before sunset.

The Wedding Details

Do you travel?

My bags were packed yesterday! I’m easily persuaded to explore new places, and am anxious to hear what you have planned. Let’s talk about the in’s and out’s in more detail, so we can work on a custom travel fee.

What time should our ceremony be?

This is one of the most important questions that comes up during the planning process, and it’s really a loaded question. I’m happy to discuss based on your ceremony/reception setup. Once we find out what time the sun sets, we will go from there!

Will we communicate before the wedding?

First off, if you have ANY questions along the way, I’ll always find time to be available. About a month before your wedding date, I’ll send a questionnaire where you’ll fill me in on the details you’ve been planning. You’ll provide me a family portrait list, important ceremony and reception events, etc. From there, I’ll schedule an in-person meeting or call to walk through everything to ensure we’re on the same page. A final photography timeline will be created and circulated to all necessary parties. If you have a planner, I’ll work with them too!

Do you work with a second shooter?

A second shooter is beneficial for a number of reasons. Every wedding faces a tight timeline, and I physically can’t be in two places at once. Having a second shooter means that we can divide and conquer, covering as much as we possibly can. Another photographer can also shoot from a different angle and/or perspective while I am shooting from another.

Who is your second shooter?

For your wedding, I don’t know yet! I will hire this person based on their work, professionalism, and availability.

What happens after our wedding?

I will carefully hand-select and retouch your final images before uploading them to an online password protected gallery for easy sharing. You’ll receive a pretty package that will include gift prints and a thumb drive of your high-resolution images. If you’ve purchased an album, we’ll start getting your book ready for first round of edits.

What happens if you get sick?

Well, I promise that a little cold won’t keep me away from photographing your wedding. If for whatever reason there is a catastrophe, and I am not able to fulfill my duties, I will do everything I can to help you find a replacement photographer of similar style and equal professionalism. You would also be refunded. This information is outlined in our contract.

The Artwork

Will I receive the copyright?

Allison Mah Photography LLC owns copyright, but the good thing is, you don’t need it! Copyright can easily get confused with a print release. You actually don’t need to own the copyright to print or post your images.

What is your turnaround time?

You will receive your online gallery no later than six weeks after your wedding date.

How many images will I receive?

I believe in quality over quantity. I cannot promise you an exact number of final images because factors like hours of coverage, number of guests, traveling time, etc. On average, you’ll receive an estimated 60 images per hour.

Will I get both color and black & white?

I love both color and B&W photography. As your photographer, I will decide which version best suits each image. You will not receive both versions for every image in your gallery.

Do you sell albums?

There is something about having a tangible book. An album is your first heirloom that will be passed down as a married couple. If you select a package with an album, you will receive 15% off the album price. If you did not purchase a package that includes an album, you can still purchase one. I will design custom layouts with the images I believe were the best representation of your day. You will have two rounds of edits. It’s a perfect, sentimental gift to say ‘thank you’ to parents too!