Maci Monday, Exploring Kennesaw Mountain

My calendar for October looks like Post-its threw up all over it, and I have neglected my Maci Monday posts for a long time. I have definitely not neglected her with attention, just with my camera. Brian is the best, supportive husband and comes along early with me to sessions some times if it’s a location where he can play with our little girl. I’ve been raving about this particular Kennesaw Mountain Trail for quit some time, so we harnessed up Maci and took her out for a little outing. To no surprise, she was pooped after 20 minutes of meeting new four-legged and two-legged friends, and running around like a crazy woman. After laying down to cool on the gravel path, she was ready to roll again while I completed my family session. Here are some from Maci’s first Kennesaw Mountain trip!

Maci Monday - weimaraner blogMaci Monday - weimaraner blogMaci Monday - weimaraner blogMaci Monday - weimaraner blog